Trump Announces TikTok Decision: We Ban From Today


Statements by TikTok, which were voiced by the US administration, seem to be quite close to reality this time. US President Donald Trump told reporters that they will take action on Saturday to ban TikTok.

The head of the popular short video sharing platform TikTok, owned by the China-based company ByteDance, is not getting out of trouble with the USA. TikTok has been on Trump’s long-standing target board, which is pretty bad with the Chinese administration and China-based companies.

Donald Trump said on Friday that he will begin efforts to block TikTok in the US on Saturday. Trump has not made any explanation as to what path he will follow in this regard.

Trump does not support Microsoft agreement

TikTok has been accused several times of sharing user data with the Chinese Communist Party by the US administration in recent months. The company, which is currently experiencing problems with user data privacy, has always denied these claims made to them.

To avoid these accusations against him, TikTok appointed Kevin Mayer, a senior Disney executive, as CEO, and also opened offices in New York and Los Angeles. However, apparently, the company failed to get rid of the Trump administration’s radar despite all these moves.

In one of the news we have previously told you, we have stated that TikTok’s operations in the USA are intended to be purchased by Microsoft, one of the most known companies in the technology world. However, Trump said in a statement to journalists that he does not support this agreement either.

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TikTok was also the victim of tensions between China and India before that. After the tension rising between the two countries, India had blocked dozens of Chinese practices, including TikTok. According to 2019 statistics, TikTok is the most used India. The second and the third country in which the application is the most widely used US and Turkey respectively.


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