Trump and Biden’s last minute rush before the US election!


With the US presidential election one day away, the election work of current President Donald Trump and his Democrat opponent Joe Biden continues. While Trump held rallies in 5 different places 24 hours before the election, Biden called on voters to vote in 2 different states.

Before the presidential elections to be held tomorrow in the USA, the election work of the Republican current president Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden is still ongoing.

Current President Donald Trump, 74, held five different rallies one day before the election in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michingan. Although Trump won in these states in the 2016 elections, polls show that Biden is ahead.

On the other hand, 77-year-old Democrat candidate Joe Biden devoted most of his time to Pennsylvania. Also, Biden held a rally in Ohio, where Trump got 8 points 4 years ago.

24 hours before the elections, the candidates called out to each other with sentences such as ‘Not suitable for this job’, ‘If he wins, the next 4 years will be like apocalypse’.


“Biden’s plan is to turn America into a prison state. It will allow far-left rebels to roam,” Trump said of his opponent.

Biden, on the other hand, said that America is on the verge of ending a presidency fueling the flames of hate.

Calling on voters to ‘vote’, Biden said, “It’s time to pack Donald Trump’s bag and go home” in the city of Philadelphia, which is important for the elections.


Looking at the recent elections, in the USA, where the rate of going to the ballot box does not reach 60 percent, the excessive number of early votes used at the ballot box or by mail this year attracted attention, and a suspicious statement about election security came from President Trump.

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Stating that it would not be safe to vote by mail from the very beginning of the election process, Trump said in a statement in North Carolina, “I think it is unfair that we have to wait that long after the election. As soon as the ballot boxes are closed, we will go there with our lawyers.”

More than 93 million people in the country have already used the game. It is stated that more than 59 million of these people vote by mail, and more than 34 million of them go to early election centers one-on-one.

Considering that almost half of the total number of votes cast in 2016 was reached with early votes alone in the United States, and the majority of Republican voters were waiting for the vote on November 3, it is estimated that participation in the elections this year will be high.


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