Trump and Biden are head-to-head in the critical state!


US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden are head-to-head in the polls in Florida, which has 29 delegates critical in the presidential election.

Former US vice president Biden leads the race in Pennsylvania and Michigan, where Trump won in the 2016 presidential election, according to the latest polls by Hill and HarrisX.

Biden, which significantly widened the difference with Trump in Michigan, seems 5 points ahead of its rival with 51 percent support in the state of Pennsylvania.

Most voters like Trump’s economic policies, while his attitude to combat the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic lowers support for Trump.

Voters who trust Trump more than Biden in the economy think Biden will be better than Trump in racism, police reforms and relations with China.

In Florida, which had 29 delegates critical to the presidential election he won in 2016, Trump goes to par with his rival Biden with 48% support, while 4% of voters say they are undecided.

Voters in Florida support Trump with 55 percent in the economy, while they think that Biden is better than Trump in the epidemic. Two-thirds of the voters surveyed say the country is going the wrong way. The Hill-HarrisX survey was conducted online from October 12-15 in Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

According to the results of polls conducted by the American news agency “The Associated Press” and “NORC”, 85 percent of voters across the country think Americans are largely divided in terms of values.

While only 15 percent of voters believe that democracy really works in the country, 65 percent think the division in the country will worsen if Trump is re-elected.

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35 percent of voters say the country will be divided further if Biden is elected. Donald Trump or Joe Biden must reach 270 delegates to be elected president in the November 3 elections, and critical states such as Florida with 29 delegates exchanging between the two parties, Pennsylvania with 20 delegates and Michigan with 16 delegates play an important role in the elections.


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