True Lies: Jamie Lee Curtis shows a deadly trick for the anniversary


Jamie Lee Curtis writes about his deadly helicopter stunt in James Cameron’s True Lies for the 28th anniversary of the film. Released in 1994, the film “True Lies” starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy working for the US government, who must keep his work a secret from his loved ones. However, when he suspects his wife (Curtis) of cheating, he ends up dragging her and his daughter (Eliza Dushku) into a major terrorist plot. True Lies starred Bill Paxton, Tom Arnold, Art Malik, Grant Heslov and Tia Carrere, who collected $378 million worldwide and instantly became classics of the action genre.

Cameron is known for upping the ante on his stunts and visual effects work every time he shoots a new movie, and “True Lies” was no exception. A remake of the French film La Totale!, “True Lies” includes several exciting scenery, including a motorcycle and horse chase through the city, an explosive shootout in a warehouse, the final rescue scene on a Harrier jet and a helicopter scene in which Schwarzenegger Character pulls Curtis out of the hatch of a limousine, which is- it’s about to fall into the ocean. It’s an unsettling, thrilling, heroic moment in the film, which is made all the more impressive by the fact that Curtis performs some tricks herself.

In an Instagram post from Curtis dedicated to the 28th anniversary of “True Lies,” the actress shared an image of herself connected to a helicopter, with Schwarzenegger’s understudy reaching out to her and Cameron filming it all. Curtis recalls the day of filming this episode, paying tribute to her understudy Donna Keegan for most of the work. However, Curtis herself carried some of the weight, as they needed to photograph her after she was pulled out of the limo, which required her to be attached to a helicopter and flown over the water. The actress calls it all a “great tightrope ride,” paying tribute to Cameron and Schwarzenegger.

Curtis, the daughter of Hollywood stars Janet Lee and Tony Curtis, began her career in Hollywood with John Carpenter’s Halloween, after which she starred in a number of genre films and in the process became one of the first scream queens. Later, she became a regular participant in the comedy genre, starring in such hits as “Swap Places”, “Freaky Friday” and “A Fish named Wanda”, before returning to the horror genre with a new trilogy about Halloween. This series will debut its final chapter later this year with Halloween. Curtis will also appear as Tannis in the film adaptation of the Borderlands video game by Eli Roth, which is also due out later this year.

A sequel to True Lies was planned for 2002, but both Cameron and Schwarzenegger went their separate ways, and the film was never made. An adaptation of the TV show is coming to CBS, which will serve as a reboot, but a proper sequel is unlikely to ever be realized at the moment, especially given that Cameron is currently rooted in the Avatar world. If the real sequel to “True Lies” never happens, at least Curtis will have this deadly picture to look back on.