True Colors of Insects That Lived 99 Million Years Ago


Based on the fossils of insects that lived millions of years ago, trapped in amber, the researchers uncovered the colors of living things. The colors in nature are really amazing.

When we look at nature, we see it from almost any color. There are creatures in almost every color that our eyes see, from creatures, some of which have the same grays as stones, to species with colorful and bright feathers.

When we examine the creatures of the past, we cannot get a lot of ideas about their colors. As an example, the image formed in our mind when it comes to dinosaur is an estimate. these creatures could well be covered with feathers. One of the main reasons for this situation is that the feathers of the fossils are not preserved or their color-like properties are not preserved.

Colors of insects of 99 million years old

Researchers from the Nanjing Geology and Paleontology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences uncovered the colors of insects that lived almost 100 million years ago in their work. Knowing the colors of living things, understanding their behavior and their place in the ecological order play an important role.

The study of the colors of these insects found in the world in the same period as the dinosaurs was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B on July 1. 35 fossils found in Myanmar and in amber were investigated in this study.

These insects, which appeared to have more or less the same colors as the species known as cuckoo wasps, had metallic blue and green tones, yellowish greens and purples. So the insects were pretty colorful.

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Nano cracks captured colors

The researchers revealed the colors of living things in the fossil using electron microscopes that can work on very small scales. Researchers who say that insects have different colors thanks to nano-level cracks in their exoskeleton, have managed to reveal the true colors of insects by examining these textures and patterns.

The colors of the insects show that the creatures living in the region may have taken such a color to hide. Another alternative is to show that insects have chosen these colors to protect them from heat and regulate their temperature. New research will also provide new explanations on this subject.


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