True Blood Connection May Bring Unprecedented Change


True Blood was based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series by Charlaine Harris, which at that time became a perfect candidate for an adult version of the Twilight concept, the series was launched by HBO in 2008.

With an engaging cast of well-known actors like Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard, as well as a revolving door of other memorable actors, audiences loved the unfiltered version of Harris’s creation, according to the Southern Vampire Mysteries fan community.

For seven seasons, viewers tuned in to the juicy and alluring storylines. From gripping love affairs to dirty and violent secrets, there was something for everyone on the show.

Six years after True Blood ended, that kind of genre-bending fiction is back in vogue. In turn, Aguirre-Sacasa of Riverdale hopes to take advantage of this material for another successful series.

Likewise, Aguirre-Sacasa has become one of the most successful television production companies on the planet. Riverdale has spawned a universe that indirectly includes Netflix’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the short-lived Katy Keene.

While the Archie Comics are often considered purely American more like Andy Griffith than 90210, their creators dive into the series’ darker side. In recent years, Riverdale intensified the darkness and the TV series has turned that wave into something unique.

In any episode, the characters can experience a real-life relationship drama. In the following, they can be caught up in a supernatural role-playing game as they sing songs from a Broadway musical based on an ’80s movie.

This is the world Riverdale has created for itself and its ramifications. That said, the prospect of this same team working on something as rich as True Blood could spawn a nice new take on a beloved series that ended not too long ago.


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