True Beauty: Moon Ga Young Reveals Comeback Details Wrapped In Fantasy And Mystery


Once True Beauty ended with a bang in February 2021, its fans kept waiting for its leads Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop to appear on screen in new projects soon, something that a year later still has not happened. However, everything seems to indicate that the three will appear very soon in new K-Dramas before the end of the year, especially Moon Ga Young who is recording a new production called Link: Eat and Love to Kill (literal title ).

The excitement on the part of K-Drama lovers was increased from the moment it was learned that Moon Ga Young would share the limelight with actor Yeo Jin Goo. The artist, like his new partner with True Beauty, also returns to the screen after participating in a successful suspense and crime thriller known as Beyond Evil, which ended in April 2021 and for which he received high praise from critics. specialized and acknowledgments of the entertainment industry of his country.

Regarding Link: Eat and Love to Kill, it was possible to learn from Moon Ga Young herself that she is in the middle of her recordings and that, if there is no unforeseen event, it could be released in the first half of the current year. . In the plot, the young South Korean star will play a woman named Noh Da Hyun, who is characterized by bad luck in all aspects of her life.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo will return as Eun Gye Hoon, a man who opens his own restaurant in a slum where his twin sister disappeared over 20 years ago and suddenly begins to feel all the emotions experienced by a woman who barely believes. meet called Noh Da Hyun. Everything will begin to get complicated when the young woman discovers that the complete stranger who lives in front of her, has been sharing all her joy, sadness and pain with her.

As for her new character, in a past interview with some entertainment media, the remembered protagonist of True Beauty pointed out that, as in that successful K-Drama, her new role in Link: Eat and Love to Kill has filled her of many satisfactions. Especially since it gives her the opportunity to convey many of the messages that she would like to connect with her followers and the general public, by showing a woman who constantly fights against unexpected events that try to bring her down again and again. .

“I could do a lot of spoilers, so I’m being cautious, but I thought the plot has a lot of the meanings I want to convey. Also, I could really feel the power of a great script,” she stated.

Regarding her co-star, Yeo Jin Goo, the actress pointed out that while they acted together a long time ago when they were practically children in the historical K-Drama Great Family aired in 2010 (as the teenage version of the leading couple), the experience although new was not uncomfortable. Although both met again on screen more than a decade later, this did not prevent them from treating each other with the familiarity of old acquaintances who see each other again after many years.