True Beauty-like dramas will make you fall in love


True Beauty, starring ASTRO’s Eunwoo, has become one of the most popular premieres of December, if you want to know stories with similar plots about self-love or physical transformations, we leave you some recommendations.

Korean entertainment continues with its releases before the end of the year and they decided to create an adaptation of a very famous webtoon that shows beauty through make up, an attractive theme for fans. Eunwoo has made fans fall in love with his popular boy performance, and the plot will develop the female lead’s self-esteem.

“True Beauty” tells the life of a popular and beautiful girl, but all that is hidden under the makeup she does, because she is an expert in front of the mirror, until a boy discovers her secret and meets her with the true appearance of she. Will she tell someone else I cheated on her? In K-Dramas there are similar stories, where the girl hides something under her unattractive appearance or is transformed into someone beautiful through magic.

Discover new stories and build your marathon with Korean series similar to “True Beauty”, we leave you a list with doramas that you must see if you liked this drama. You can also learn the story behind the creator of the True Beauty webtoon, the comic that inspired this Korean adaptation.


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