True Beauty, Eunwoo’s next drama you must see


The story of True Beauty will come to the screen through a new adaptation where we will see ASTRO’s Eun Woo and an incredible cast.

True Beauty managed to captivate countless hearts with a fun and charming webtoon, but the television adaptation will give us a drama that looks extremely promising. We tell you the details of this series and the stars that will be part of the cast.

The K-Drama tells the story of Joo Kyung, an insecure girl who learns the art of makeup through the internet, her life takes a turn thanks to the fact that now she can look beautiful with the techniques she has learned and suddenly experiences the popularity that this quality brings him in his school. This scenario will not take away Joo Hyung’s insecurities, especially since she fears that her true self will be known to someone else.

Simultaneously, a love triangle will begin between her and two extremely attractive boys who, like Joo Hyung, have their own secrets.


True Beauty will be a romantic comedy that will take us to know a glimpse of the school life of the main characters, as they deal with the challenges of love, friendship, their grades and the discovery of their own identity.

The series will star Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Hwang In Yeob, who will play Joo Kyung, Lee Su Ho, and Han Seo Jun respectively.

The K-Drama will premiere on December 9 and in addition to being broadcast on tvN, you can enjoy it on Viki.

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