Troye Sivan wants to collaborate with BTS for a new song


Troye Sivan said he was available for a collaboration with K-Pop group BTS. Troye Sivan made a live broadcast from him Instagram account, a space during which she was able to chat a bit with him followers on this social network. The South African-born singer answered many of his fans’ questions and also pointed out that it would be a pleasure for him to collaborate with BTS for a song.

The Easy interpreter was reviewing the messages through Insta-live, when one of his followers asked him if he wanted to collaborate with BTS and he quickly replied “Yes, please!”.

But Troye also took the opportunity to share a story that some BTS fans already know, revealing that he unknowingly wrote a melody that would later be sung by the Bangtan members, that was Louder Than Bombs, a song that is part of Map Of The Soul: 7.

Almost by accident I wrote a song for them and it was the best time of my life.

Following this statement, some Troye fans who also admire BTS left comments about how good the song is and their wishes to see them work together in the future.

Let us know in the comments if you too would like BTS and Troye Sivan to have a music collaboration soon.

BTS is about to release Dynamite, if you want to see the music video for this song from the moment of its premiere, we tell you the details you need to know.

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