Troy Bolton played by Zac Efron returns in the third season of HSMTMTS?


Will Troy Bolton return in the performance of Zac Efron in the third season of the series “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series”? Efron, who played the main character Troy Bolton in the franchise “Cool Musical”, recently blew up social networks when he shared a photo on Instagram showing him returning to the Eastern School — the central location of the franchise. Paying homage to another teen classic, The Breakfast Club, Efron signed his post: “Don’t forget about me.” This led to a flurry of tweets and comments in which everyone hoped that Efron would play a cameo role in the third season of HSMTMTS. However, these hopes were even more pronounced than usual, since Efron was not the only familiar face who looked into a well-known place. .

Vanessa Hudgens, who played co-host Gabriella Montes in the “Cool Musical”, also said at the end of June that she visited her old places for walks. The actress posted a video on Instagram in which she captured familiar landscapes of the Eastern School and shared some sentimental thoughts. I must say that the action of the new musical — “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series” — takes place in a world where films of the same name exist and are becoming more and more metaphorical. Even in the first season of the Disney+ show, Lucas Robbed was part of an episode from a dream. Robil played Ryan Evans in the HSM films, and the series uses many references to this effect. Casey Straw, who played Martha Cox, also played a minor role, but not herself. In both cases, by placing the Robber in a dream and allowing Straw to appear as a minor character, HSMTMTS has to date actually avoided including celebrity cameos in its universe.

However, the 3rd season of HSMTMTS completely eliminates this limitation. In it, Corbin Bleu, who played Chad Danforth in the “Cool Musical” trilogy, plays himself. The actor often appears in HSMTMTS, portraying himself in an ironic manner, which can open the door for Efron and Hudgens in a cameo role of themselves. At the moment, neither Efron nor Hudgens are confirmed to appear, but “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series” definitely feels closer than ever to Efron’s appearance thanks to his social media teaser and HSMTMTS Season 3’s new approach to cameos.

How Zac Efron’s Troy Might Appear in Season 3 of HSMTMTS

Season 3 of HSMTMTS is wildly self-referential. The key plot of the season centers around the main characters who go to Camp Shallow Lake to stage the summer production of “Cold Heart”. The production and behind-the-scenes elements will be part of a documentary that will later be broadcast on Disney+, produced by Corbin Bleu himself, which will only add to the increasingly meta approach of the series. As a result, it is quite logical for Efron to act in such episodes of meta-teaching. Maybe he could appear in a documentary, allowing Efron to share the screen with Ricky Bowen (Joshua Bassett), or alternatively, Efron could help Nini Roberts (Olivia Rodrigo) conduct a proper send-off when their paths cross in the worn-out corridors of East School.

It was also confirmed that Efron wants to do a reboot of the “Cool Musical”, which means that in the upcoming Disney+ documentary, the graduate of the Eastern School will return to the memorable filming location. Most of the third season of “Cool Musical” will take place at Camp Shallow Lake, and will also focus on Nini’s musical career, which does not leave much room for scenes in East High. While this may be season 3 of The Cool Musical: The Musical: The Series, just wanting to move into new territory, it could just as easily signal that Disney is keeping room for Efron’s eventual return to the place where his acting career began.


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