Troy Aikman, Joe Buck Reveal Advice For Kirk Herbstreit -What’s Trending In The Sports World Today


This year, Kirk Herbstreit is expanding his TV repertoire as the lead color commentator for Amazon’s new Thursday night football broadcast.

The ESPN personality will retain the role of College GameDay analyst and broadcaster of Saturday’s college football game.

Longtime broadcasters Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have some valuable experience hosting more than one game a week.

During a press conference earlier this week, Aikman revealed that he and Buck had spoken with Herbstreit about his upcoming tasks.

“I was talking to Kirk,” Aikman said in the “Terrible Announcement.” “I consider Kirk a friend. We have been in the process. We talked after he got a job at Amazon. Since we had such a schedule, as Joe mentioned a little earlier, we work on Sundays/Thursdays. He is engaged Thursday/Saturday. I think Amazon is good that they are getting a fresh Kirk Herbstreit on Thursday.

“It’s going to be a lot for GameDay and the game. It’s a lot, but he’s a real professional. Anyone who’s been around him knows that. do it.”

Aikman and Buck are now Herbstreit’s colleagues at ESPN, having left their longtime post at Fox to take over Monday Night Football.

“I know he was already busy. I think he has a podcast. I know he’s on the radio. “That’s a lot.

“I don’t envy him. I’ll say this. Because for the last four years, the schedule we have been keeping is exhausting. Nobody cares about that. I do not know that anyone – I do not even know that people in the industry understand how much preparation goes into broadcasting one football match during the week, let alone trying to double with two games in one week.”

Buck also gave his opinion on Herbstreit’s upcoming season.

“He’s one of those guys that I think can do anything in this business,“Buck said.”I believe he could play from game to game. He’s so talented.

“I think if you are a talented TV presenter, and there is no more talented TV presenter than the guy on this screen that I’m looking at [Aikman], or Kirk, they will cope. He’ll be fine. He’ll get tired, but he’ll be fine.”

Herbstreit is going to occupy the Amazon booth for the first broadcast of “Thursday Night Football” on September 15.


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