Trovo Is The New Streaming Platform Officially Launched In Brazil


Trovo: After going through a beta phase, Trovo announced it was officially operating in Brazil. The live game broadcast platform now enters a new period, in which it intends to reach a Brazilian audience even larger than the current 520,000 users and 46,000 streamers.

Altogether, around the world the company already has more than 5 million monthly active users, accumulating about 30 million hours watched monthly.

Celebrating the end of the beta phase, the streaming service announced the launch of the Smashing Beta, a new event that is taking place right now, between the 8th and 12th of December. Participants will be divided between the Infinity, Trinity and Eternity teams, offering the possibility for both streamers and users to receive bonuses “during the internal actions of the platform”. In addition to rewarding Gift Subscriptions, users will be able to send confetti to support their favorite streamers.

“Founded on the idea of ​​inclusion, interactivity and empowerment”, Trovo has an incentive and monetization program called “Trovo 500″, in which content creators on the platform are regularly selected. Based on hours-assisted goals, those selected can receive substantial rewards ranging from $800 to $5,400, depending on the category they are placed in.

An interesting point for streamers or aspiring content creators is that, unlike some other platforms, Trovo does not require exclusivity. Interested parties can learn a little more about the company and its benefits, both for those who make the broadcasts and for those who only watch them, on its YouTube channel.