TRON Wallet What is Tronlink, How to get points?


Developed specifically for TRON-based tokens, Tronlink began distributing free points. Tronlink wallet users can earn points by being included in the referral program within the application. So what exactly do these points do and what should be done to earn them?

Tronlink, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, is specially designed for TRON users. Tronlink, which is also supported by TRON’s own developer team; TRC-10, TRC-20 and TRX compatible tokens can be stored. But people are not talking about these features of Tronlink, but the referral program it just launched.

Download the App, Earn Points

Tronlink made an interesting announcement the day Uniswap distributed 400 UNIs to everyone. It was announced that 300 points will be awarded to anyone who downloads the Tronlink application and invites a friend to this application within the scope of the new program.

According to the statements made by the Tron team, people will receive 300 points per person they bring to the application. Therefore, users can earn much more points than that. What Tronlink users need to do to get these scores is simple:

Downloading the Tronlink wallet application to the phone,
Open your own wallet after downloading the application,
Clicking the “me” tab at the bottom right, then the “friend invitation” button,
Then click the “claim rewards” button and enter the relevant reference code.
Following these four stages, Tronlink users can earn 300 points. But why have these scores attracted so much attention, even if what is not known exactly?

After Uniswap Has Hoped

Uniswap from DeFi exchanges gave 400 UNI coins to everyone who used Uniswap before September 1 with an airdrop it organized two days ago. These coins, which entered the market with a price of 3 dollars, have earned tens of thousands of people more than $ 1000. Meanwhile, some users bought not 400, but tens of thousands of UNI coins and almost turned out to be a lottery hit.

Cryptocurrency users started following Tronlink after the Uniswap incident. Seeing that the UNI starts trading at $ 3 as soon as it enters the market, investors wonder if the same will apply to Tronlink points. The exact function of Tronlink scores is unknown. But as one Reddit user says, Tronlink points are “$ 3 or $ 0.3”. Some cryptocurrency users warn people by saying that these 300 points “are not even clear what they correspond to.”


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