TRON (TRX) broke the record of 4 months with Justin Sun’s tweet


TRX, which is still far from the peak it saw in 2018, caught the record price of four months after Justin Sun’s tweet.


“There is big news for TRX next week,” Sun made a statement on his Twitter account this morning. TRX rallied more than 20% after that, hitting the $0.118 level. The cryptocurrency last reached this level in mid-May. With a market value of over $8.2 billion, TRX is the 24th largest cryptocurrency.

It is eagerly awaited what the “big news” Sun is talking about. However, the founder of TRON has made similar statements before, and many of them did not meet expectations. The last time Sun heralded a big news, he announced that a new DeFi China called “SUN” would come to the TRON ecosystem.

Usage of TRON in USDT and USDC is increasing

On the other hand, the use of the TRON blockchain in the stablecoin area is increasing. Finally, the amount of Tether in TRON has surpassed 36 billion. While TRON continues to be the most used blockchain for Tether, the supply of USDC on the chain has exceeded 200 million as of today.


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