TRON network attacked and collapsed at midnight


The attacked TRON network collapsed. After the attack at 01.14, the network was able to return to its normal course only after 8.5 hours.

TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun announced that the TRON network was hacked. Stating that the hacker (s) carried out this attack by seizing the authority granted to the contract developers, Sun stated that the situation was taken under control without any damage thanks to the defense mechanism of the network.

Informing about the subject with his Twitter flood, Sun said:

Regarding what happened in the TRON network on November 2;

The TRON Mainnet was attacked by a malicious contract during the update of version 4.1 at 06.14 (01.14 CET) Honk Kong time.
The attack happened with the seizure of the power given to contract developers. The attacker carried out malicious transactions, causing the Super agent to stop generating blocks.
Because Tron was the busiest blockchain in the industry, the attacker tried to make a profit by taking advantage of block production, but the TRON community immediately responded and continued to work on updating the nodes (nodes) by solving the problem and contacting Super representatives.
After 08.29 (03.29), the main network continued to produce part by section blocks and finally, the whole network returned to its normal flow at 09.40 (11.40). While the data on the chain is complete and robust, all funds are also safe. #SAFU
Being unharmed by this large-scale attack, the TRON network has proven once again that it is the most resistant to attacks in the industry and the strongest decentralized network for defense.

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