“Tron 3” was closed because of Marvel and “Star Wars,” says Joseph Kosinski


As the man behind the camera in the current mega-hit Top Gun: Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a beloved movie franchise work. However, his experience was not enough to convince Disney to give the green light to the third Tron film, especially in light of the guaranteed success provided by Marvel and Star Wars.

Released in 2010, “Tron: Legacy” was Kosinski’s breakthrough film, as well as his first film, as his unique visual style helped him become a modern cult classic almost as much as the original since its premiere in 1982. Despite this, films that barely make a profit are rarely the highest priority for studios, which, according to Kosinski, played a huge role in his second film “Tron”, which never materialized after the company had already consolidated its influence on the biggest money-making machines in cinema.

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This story is taken from a detailed interview with Vulture, in which Kosinski talks about most of his work and claims that he was almost invited to a role in “Tron: Ascension”. “I really tried. I was close to it in 2015 and Disney turned it off. I didn’t create anything, but I storyboarded and wrote the whole film,” he said, noting that the conditions were very different from those of Heritage. The director notes that when his film “Tron” was shot, Disney did not own either Marvel or Star Wars, and he believes that it was these two properties that forced the company to direct its investments into these blockbusters, although he understands that it was the right decision from the business point of view.

Kosinski also expressed disbelief at getting Disney’s permission to create “Tron: Legacy.” The sequel was a $150 million film made by an aspiring director with an aspiring production designer, inexperienced actors and music written by a couple of French guys dressed as robots – the same Daft Punk duo that he had been listening to since college. The director also took the time to praise Miles Teller, with whom he worked on two of his films before “The Best Shooter”: “Maverick”, “Only the Brave” and “Spider”.

Naturally, Kosinski also had many Top Gun: Maverick moments he liked to talk about, including how he used Tom Cruise’s signature running style to his advantage, although the two hardly became strangers after working together on 2013’s Oblivion, one of Cruise’s best scientific papers. – fantastic movies. On the other hand, Kosinski’s stock is likely to rise after he received so much praise for how he handled the sequel to “The Best Shooter,” so maybe he’ll just get a chance to make another “Tron” movie in the future.

Despite this, Kosinski’s assessment of the film industry in 2015 is still true today, as the number of blockbusters without superheroes or “Star Wars” continues to decline, and the budget bar previously occupied by films such as “The Best Shooter” in 1986 is also shrinking.

“Tron: Legacy” is now available on Disney Plus.