Triumph shows details of its 1st electric motorcycle


British manufacturer Triumph presented the first information on the TE-1 electric motorcycle project. In addition to conceptual images, the brand released technical details of the model.

The project is a partnership between the automaker and other companies. As well, it is being financed by the UK government through the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles.

Developed by Integral Powertrain, one of the highlights of the Triumph TE-1 will be the 130 kW electric motor. Weighing only 10 kg, the piece is scalable and may have a series of variations in power levels based on the same platform.

“We focused on making a radical change to the engine design, like removing heavy high voltage cables. This provides a product significantly more compact and lighter than any other available on the market ”, says Andrew Cross, technical director of the engine manufacturer.

For batteries, Triumph will have the collaboration of Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE). The set created for the TE-1 promises to be lighter, more energy-dense than competitors and to maintain the level of performance regardless of load.

Second phase of the Triumph TE-1

From the early stages of the project, Triumph has been supported by the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Advancing to the second stage of development, the institution has provided software for monitoring the tests carried out by the automaker.

“The simulations in Phase 1 were fundamental for the proper selection of components to achieve the performance goals of the prototype. We are now continuing this work, refining the models to a more complex level, ”explains Truong Quang Dihn, Assistant Professor of Control Systems at the university.

In the current phase of the project, it is still not certain that the bike will adopt the design seen in the conceptual arts. As well as, there is no information on when the Triumph TE-1 will reach the European market.


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