TripleS Introduced a New Taiwanese-Vietnamese Participant Nien


Girls Planet 999 member Nien (also known as Xu Nien-Tzu) became the 13th member of the upcoming k-pop female group TripleS.

On March 21, Modhaus shared a video in which he introduced the 13th participant of TripleS, Nien, a former participant of the Mnet 2021 reality show Girls Planet 999. The Taiwanese-Vietnamese singer joins the existing 12 members of the group.

The new clip introduces Nien as “S13” before showing several faceless shots of the idol. Her face is shown in the footage towards the end of the video, and she introduces herself in a voice-over in Mandarin: “I’m S13 from TripleS, Nien. Please take care of me in the future.”

Nien was part of the Chinese trainee group Girls Planet 999 and was eliminated in the second qualifying round of the show. Her highest rating during her time on the show was fifth place in Group C during its third episode.

TripleS, whose final line-up will consist of 24 members, launched their first Acid Angel sub-unit from Asia last October, introducing members Kim Yoo-yeon, Jung Hyo-rin, Kim Na-kyung and Gong Yoo-bin.

Their second unit, consisting of 10 members, debuted last month with the mini-album “Assemble” and its title single “Rising”. The group is also going to introduce another division called (KR)ystal Eyes sometime this year.

Currently, the triples consist of participants (in order of joining): Yoon So-yeon, Jung Hyo-rin, Lee Ji-woo, Kim Jae-yeon, Kim Yoo-yeon, Kim Soo-min, Kim Na-kyung, Gong Yoo-bin, Kaede, Seo Da-hyun, Kotone, Kwak Yong-ji and Niyeon.


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