Tripled overnight: What is BitTorrent Token?


After the Bitcoin price ran to the record with the Tesla news, there was also an increase in the BitTorrent (BTT) price. BTT, which rose 156% in one day, hit an all-time high of $ 0.00192 on February 9th. So what are the developments that increase BTT?

Tron CEO Justin Sun acquired BitTorrent in 2019 and BitTorrent (BTT) was launched on the Tron blockchain. BTT, which has followed a relatively constant price activity from 2020 to February, continues to maintain its 24-hour upward trend. Let’s examine the main factors that may have raised BTT.

BitTorrent developments

  • Tron started registration on February 5th for the 2021 global DeFi hackathon event. Prizes worth $ 10 million will be distributed at the event. The special Tron prize will be 500 thousand dollars, and the first and second prizes will be 1 million dollars.
  • BitTorrent announced a weekly optimization work on February 5th. After this work, the protocol’s payment system will be able to serve better.
  • BTFS (BitTorrent File System) announced that it will distribute BitTorrent Pro memberships to miners who contribute to the community. Miners will be able to receive their rewards by filling out the relevant form.
  • Repair mode and network updates came to BTFS. With the repair mode, users will be able to download all the node rewards in the network and bring back the lost rewards.
  • The interface of BitTorrent and UTorrent websites has been renewed.
  • Various events hosted by countries such as Brazil have been organized on DLive, a BitTorrent community, which broadcasts live since February 1. While video games were played at these events, various awards were distributed to the winners.

BTT Price

With a market value of $ 876 million, BTT’s 24-hour trading volume reached $ 2.9 billion. The coin rose from the $ 0.00052 level to $ 0.00192. The current price of BTT with a weekly income of 266% and a monthly income of 221% is $ 0.00139.


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