Tripled in Two Weeks: What is Nervos Network?


Nervos Network (CKB) price tripled in two weeks. What are Nervos Network and CKB tokens that saw ATH on March 31?

Nervos Network (CKB); it gained 259 percent on the monthly chart, 125 percent on the two-week chart and 67 percent on the weekly chart. The token, with daily earnings of 15 percent, reached an all-time high of $ 0.0393 on March 31st.

Having a market value of 898 million dollars, CKB is positioned 99th with its market value. The daily trading volume of the token is around $ 159 million.

What are Nervos Network and CKB tokens?

Nervos Network is an open source blockchain ecosystem focused on solving blockchain problems. It aims to bring together Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies while offering solutions. Nervos calls itself a universal blockchain passport in this sense.

Nervos enables users to create decentralized applications and distribute them on the network with hybrid solutions. Some of its partners and investors; Huobi, Sequoia, Polychain Capital, BSN, Multicoin Capital, Blockchain Capital, CMB International, Cumberland, Cryptape, Ledger.

The network’s local token CKB stands for Common Knowledge Byte. Token represents cell capacity and users can create space on the network with up to bytes in their tokens.

CKB token; It is used in transactions such as asset storage, smart contract transactions, renting space on the network, and decentralized application usage.

Token supply is divided into two categories. First one; Similar to Bitcoin, it is limited to 33.6 billion and will be halved every 4 years. The second supply will be offered as 1.344 billion each year when the first supply is finished. The current circulating supply is 24.4 billion.

Among the exchanges listing the CKB token; Binance, Huobi, BiKi, MXC, Bilaxy,, Hotbit, KuCoin, ProBit, BigOne,, CoinTiger, Indodax, XT.


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