Trick Got a T1 Tattoo to Celebrate Winning The 2022 World Cup, But She Didn’t Age Well


Atriok believed in T1, one of the most successful organizations in League of Legends, by getting a tattoo before their match in the Grand Final at the 2022 World Cup. Now that they’ve lost, he’s stuck with her forever.

T1 enjoyed a big advantage before the 2022 World Cup Grand Final. Their opponent, DRX, barely made it to the international League of Legends tournament and gained enough strength thanks to this event to win everything.

For T1 fans who were confident that their team would take the trophy and Faker would get his fourth world title, it was a disappointing finale. But Atriok’s confidence was not limited to T1 support.

Even before the start of the matches, Atriok got a tattoo with the inscription “T1 World Champs 22″. Now that they’ve lost, he’s stuck with the tattoo forever.

Atrioc made a big bet on T1 and lost
Getting a tattoo of the team you’re rooting for before it even plays is at least a sure bet, and Atrioc had enough faith in T1 to make this gamble.

It was a close set, and T1 struggled to win. However, DRX were able to stand up and lift the trophy.

Atriok’s friends and fans reacted to the brave act before and after the matches, and the Internet will not allow him to survive this in the near future.


The original tweet reads: “Getting a tattoo after your team wins means being proud of yourself. But get one the day before the game? It shows confidence.” The tweets before and after the games have very different tones. In advance, people like T1 CEO Joe Marsh expressed their respect for Atrioc’s commitment. Then it was a little different.

Ludwig replied with a simple “…” after the T1 defeat, Scarra replied with a similar “Oh….”, and even Hassan Piper joined in the fun by replying “the most normal fan of the league”.

Atrioc took it calmly and turned it into a way to shout out MKLeo, a Smash Bros. player signed to T1.


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