Tribeca Film Festival 2022: Acidman Review


Acidman is a complicated love story between an eccentric father and his adult daughter who are desperately trying to rebuild their relationship. Touching the strings of the audience’s heart and leaving a thrill in it when the parts began to come together, the film is a mature approach to the genre of “dysfunctional family”.

Director Alex Lehmann is no stranger to cinema. Previously, he directed the famous dramas “Paddleton” and “Blue Jay” in collaboration with his long-time filmmaking partner Mark Duplass. He demonstrates his skill and talent in the film, intertwining a leisurely but faithful script, full of dialogues (written by Lehmann and Chris Dowling). with the most magnificent landscapes, exciting camerawork and electric chemistry between the two main characters, because of which it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

The drama was directed by Dianna Agron and Thomas Hayden Church, both of whom have already built an impressive film empire. After ten years of separation, Maggie Agrona decides to go on a whim and visit her father. Clearly a city girl, she goes into the wilderness, without any prior arrangements and communication with an older man. Throughout the film, their separation is present and causes discomfort. Her father, Lloyd, is leaving a reclusive life with no friends other than a friendly waitress at a local diner and his faithful dog, and he is struggling to cope with harassment from local youth who painted “ACIDMAN” on his trailer.

More problems become apparent when he disconnects during conversations and rejects her attempts to get to know each other. Although their conversations are short and distant, they are sweet and devoid of any ill will, until Lloyd calls Maggie out for not being truthful about her visit. She keeps pretending that her visit is just to make sure that he is healthy, but it is clear that this is something more.

The 87-minute drama, screened as part of the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival in the Spotlight category, comes to life thanks to Lloyd’s worst quality. It turns out he’s an alien conspiracy theorist who just didn’t wear a foil hat. The most unpleasant moment comes when Maggie catches him on a night adventure and doesn’t even blink an eye when she follows him, and they catch themselves looking up at the flashing lights in the sky. It’s a “UFO,” she comments, and he quickly says, “Now it’s a UFO.” Gradually, their troubled past is revealed, and it turns out that it was this behavior that drove a wedge between him, his wife and son, which eventually prompted him to leave the family and call them traitors.

However, Maggie didn’t want this as a child and refuses to accept it as an adult. It is here that the heart of the film beats loudest, instead of following in the footsteps of other films in this genre, a young woman knows her choice well: either she starts a relationship with her father and the unconventional man he is, or she will lose him — an important life lesson that many will not learn until she becomes it’s too late.

Unfortunately, in an imperfect world, love is connected to someone, despite his shortcomings and other confusion. Lloyd is a man who speaks directly, he told his children that he was leaving, and told his adult daughter that he was happy with his lifestyle and his hobbies. Despite their love for each other, there is nothing she can do to change him. Eventually, she learns that her closure is to accept the circumstances and figure out her next steps. Fortunately, this pill is easier to swallow, despite the fact that the whole movie was tearful, except that Lloyd never pretends that he does not reciprocate Maggie’s love, but shamelessly shows it in the only way available to him.

“Acid Man” is one of the most impressive films of the year. He easily captures the attention of the audience and sends them on a journey of emotions. They will laugh, cry and feel an immeasurable amount of anger, but its ending will provide the perfect release — it depends on the skill of everyone involved in the production process, from sharp directing and script to cozy costumes, gorgeous landscapes, cute dog. and all the magic in between.

Acidman had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 10, and screenings on June 12 and 19. He is looking for new acquisitions.