Treyarch: “The Mission of the Plague” Black Ops Cold War


We exclusively interviewed those responsible for the Outbreak mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the next chapter of Zombies in Season 2.

World at War is far away. Since Treyarch opted for an extension of the Call of Duty experience away from the classic competitive elements, the Zombies have become an indivisible part not only of the studio, but of the very sub-saga that catapulted him to fame. To the duo formed by Die Maschine and Firebase Z, the two chapters of Black Ops Cold War so far, is added an unpublished game mode to date as a third part: Outbreak.

On the occasion of its launch, at MeriStation we sat down in front of three Treyarch managers to see first-hand their game concept and what precedent it sets in the next chapters of the Zombies mode. Craig Houston, lead writer; Kevin Drew, expert game designer; and Corky Lehmkuhl, creative director of the studio, are in charge of sharing their thoughts on the great content of Season 2.

Requiem: continuity during the current and next season

The plot events of Outbreak follow in the wake of the events experienced during the main mission of Firebase Z. After killing Orda, that famous giant entity that played the role of final boss, Samantha Maxis and company set course for the Montes Urales following the clues that they had managed to collect in this military base. “Here the Requiem team travels to investigate these Outbreak areas where they conduct some kinds of scientific experiments that will help them catch up with the Omega group, who are much further advanced in this Cold War arms race,” explains Craig. Houston.

Thus, Brote is “the new frontier of the Cold War arms race.” Weaver, Straus, Dr. Gray… they all want to understand and harness the hidden potential of the Dark Aether. “This mode has a lot more intelligence documents that can be found around the map that reveal more data about the story,” says Houston. They will continue to add “more pieces as the season progresses.” The Ural Mountains, where Brote is located, are part of “the advance in the evolution of everything we have seen and a momentum in world building.” “This is directly the next chapter,” says the writer.


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