Trey Lance reacted honestly to his performance against the Texans


The preseason of the San Francisco Forties Niners ended on a low note after the Houston Texans lost 17-0. The starting quarterback of the Forties Niners, Trey Lance, was far from sharp in losing, and he knows it.

Speaking to the media after yesterday’s defeat, Lance admitted that some “ugly things” were demonstrated during the defeat. But he believes that two weeks before the start of the regular season will give the team enough time to solve their problems.

“Of course, there are some ugly things there. It definitely wasn’t our best night,” Lance said. “We’re not going to make too much of it. We will watch the movie, learn from it and get better. These 17 days (of practice) will be very important for us for Chicago.”

Lance went 7 of 11 for 49 yards and had one rushing yard before missing the rest of the game. His backups didn’t quite light up on the scoreboard, as Brock Purdy and Nate Sudfeld combined to score 18 of 30 for 230 yards and two interceptions.

Trey Lance has made some progress, but is still a little behind last year’s Jimmy Garoppolo. This may be problematic, since this season the Forty Niners have put Lance in the starting lineup in all-in.

Lance appeared in just a few games for the 49ers in 2021 and didn’t play particularly well in them. Garoppolo, meanwhile, started 9-6 and led them to the NFC championship game.

Expectations are high for Lance and the 49ers this season, but it’s unclear if he’s ready to live up to them.

Will Trey Lance prove worthy of a starting position this season?


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