Trent Alexander-Arnold’s “Rather Harsh” Criticism Confuses Andy Robertson.


Andy Robertson admits that criticism is an integral part of football, but that doesn’t mean he understands how hard it can be. As in the case of Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The right-back, who won everything at Liverpool by the age of 23, often makes headlines for one reason or another.

We have seen Jurgen Klopp’s valiant defence and Gareth Southgate’s cold attitude, among many other voices referring to Alexander-Arnold. One minute at the top of the world, the other at the bottom.

It was this extreme reaction that resonated with Robertson, who last December spoke about the criticism his defense partner received on the BBC Proper Football podcast.

“What he does with football at right—back is incredible to me,” Robertson said of Alexander-Arnold.

“He’s a special, special player, and sometimes people forget how young he is. He has the whole world at his feet.

“The fact is that he is only still young, he will only get better. That’s the worst part.

“People are quick to persuade players, especially English players. But they also knock them down quickly,” he added in response to criticism of Scouser.

“Since he came on stage, he has been frightening with what he has done with football, with the game, with the club. He was incredible.

“We all show weaknesses. Every fullback loses to a winger from time to time. We all have lapses in form. Maybe when Trent loses a little bit of form, they talk about it a lot more than about other players.

“I do not know why, but I know that he has a strong character, and he can block it, and he copes with it.

“So when something is said, I don’t worry about it. That’s for sure. But, yes, the criticism against him is quite harsh, and I really don’t know why.”

Three months after Robertson’s interview, which has just been published, Alexander-Arnold remains in the headlines after Liverpool’s exit from the Champions League.

Vinicius Jr. managed the 24-year-old football player sloppily, and Jamie Carragher’s analysis caused a violent reaction, but he rightly noted Alexander-Arnold’s lack of competition at Anfield.

This played a role in the unrelenting demands on Alexander-Arnold to play week after week, a limitation that even Klopp acknowledged when he said his full-backs could not play “50-plus games” per season as “it would limit their careers.”.


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