TREASURE will have their first comeback


The boys of TREASURE are preparing more music to make their first comeback with a new video. TREASURE fans had waited a long time for the group’s debut in the K-Pop industry, but after their first release, the group got down to business and is already preparing their first comeback with which they will surprise their fans.

The fandom called TREASURE MAKER has received some great news, as the rookie group from YG Entertainment is almost ready to reveal their next single, read on and find out everything you need to know about this release.

Through their Instagram account, the boys of TREASURE confirmed that they are already filming the music video for the next song that the K-Pop group is going to promote.

The guys who participated in the survival show TREASURE BOX shared a short clip of only 5 seconds showing a black and white scene captured from one of the monitors on the recording set. In it, the boys 12 members of the group walk with their backs to the camera.


According to the YG Entertainment report, the next release will be an even more powerful tune than BOY, the song this rookie group debuted with during the month of August.

If all goes according to plan, TREASURE’s comeback will take place in mid-September.

Did you know that 8 of the members of TREASURE are Korean and 4 of them are Japanese? We recently told you everything you need to know about YG Entertainment’s rookie group.

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