TREASURE reveals new teasers for their K-pop debut


TREASURE is set for its K-pop debut, the YG boygroup revealed new teasers. After a long time of waiting, the agency will finally present its new group of idols, their debut had to be rescheduled on some occasions, but fans will finally be able to meet the youth talent of these guys who promise to be the rookies of the year.

TREASURE was formed in a survival reality show YG TREASURE Box, where boys from 14 to 19 years old had to compete and demonstrate their talent to obtain a place in the boygroup, their dream will be fulfilled this August 7 with the launch of their first mini album “The First Step: Chapter One”.

Despite being a new group, the boys have already exceeded 150,000 copies sold, raising the expectation of their presentation as new idols. Their main single is titled “Boy” and the first advances have already been announced.

Through their social networks, TREASURE has published different videos and posters for “Boy” and “Come to me”, their first songs. They have also published an introduction to introduce each of the members, as well as their tastes and description.

The most recent teaser is a poster that shows 3 of the boys posing in front of the camera, following the countdown to their debut, it only takes 4 days (3 in South Korea) to get to know the musical treasure that these boys hide.

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The group is made up of 9 Koreans and 4 Japanese, giving a great boost to their career, since the Japanese country is one of the second largest for K-pop. TREASURE is ready to conquer the end of summer with your music and start a new generation of idols. Will it be the rookies of 2020?


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