Although that expected reconciliation between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner has not yet come to be as such and, over time, his followers begin to get impatient, when not to worry, about the possibility that they have closed forever That sentimental chapter, the truth is that sources in his environment now ensure that the rapper has no intention of trying to rebuild his love life with another person.

“They still spend a lot of time together, because they don’t stop being parents of a little girl. When they decided to take some time off, they both knew perfectly well that that would not apply to their dynamic with Stormi. Travis can go to Kylie’s house whenever want, and she loves to go so often, “an informant has revealed to Us Weekly magazine.

The same confidant wanted to underline that the successful musician is still as in love with the businesswoman as the first day, but that the ‘temporary’ break was essential to avoid “saturation” and, above all, so that both could momentarily part with some of those responsibilities that brings life as a couple.

“Travis felt that the relationship was going too fast and that intensity could put her in danger for the long term. Travis loves Kylie and will always love her, but now she needs to focus on her career, her travels and her friends, too, without that additional pressure of always having to go home with his family, “said the same source.


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