Travis Scott and LeBron James are selling t-shirts for a good cause!


Travis Scott and LeBron James wanted to make a nice gesture of solidarity. Thus, they put themselves in the sale of T-shirts!

For several months, the coronavirus has been raging around the world. Travis Scott and LeBron James will want to show solidarity.

For more than two months, the coronavirus has been raging all over the world. The countries are closing in on themselves and everyone must limit their movements.

Travis Scott had to put aside his rapping career. And for good reason, the latter will not go back on stage immediately. Nevertheless, he seems to be very involved in the cause against the virus.

The rapper has created many brands over the years and is building an empire. Nevertheless, he wanted to help people in need in his own way. Therefore, with LeBron James, the latter embarks on the sale of T-shirts.

LeBron James and Travis Scott have chosen to create a collection of T-shirts: Cactus Jack Class of 2020. These aim to support the “Class of 2020”. The students had to celebrate their graduation from home.

Many stars like Selena Gomez made a speech for the Class of 2020. Nevertheless, Travis Scott preferred to get into the sale of t-shirts. Thus, 100% of the sales of T-shirts will go to charities.

However, much of the proceeds will go directly to the LeBron James Family Foundation as well as Feeding Texas. The first association focuses on access to education.

“Class of 2020, I told you we were going to make this graduation special. Said James LeBron on Instagram.

Then, the latter unveiled his project with Travis Scott and he seems happy to embark on this cause with the rapper. “The legend of hip hop, and the revolutionary fashion designer, Travis Scott personally created the t-shirt of the Class of 2020 for you! ” he said.

Thus, these t-shirts should be a big hit and fans of the rapper will not fail to buy them!


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