Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig friends in real life!


Travis Fimmel starred alongside Alexander Ludwig in Vikings for a few years. The two actors get along wonderfully.

Travis Fimmel has long been the big star of the Vikings series. The Ragnar interpreter has forged strong bonds with his co-stars and more particularly with Alexander Ludwig. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago, Vikings fans got to see Season 6. The new season marked the end of the story for Bjorn, Ivar, Floki and the other characters. Besides, some did not have a Happy Ending, which made early fans sad.

After Lagertha’s death, Bjorn put himself in danger by wanting to fight his brother Ivar. The latter did not hesitate to stab him with his sword at the beach and left him for dead. Bjorn was eventually found and his relatives did everything to save him. Nevertheless, he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Bjorn helped his friends fight Ivar in Vikings and his plans worked. Nevertheless, fans had to bid farewell to Ragnar’s son. Alexander Ludwig gained recognition largely for playing this character. Nevertheless, he admits that he is not unhappy to be done with the series.

“No one expected Vikings to be so successful, so they increased to 20 episodes, which meant I was completely deprived of any further opportunity,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. However, the actor is delighted to have been able to star in the show and has forged strong ties with his co-stars.


Alexander Ludwig was able to do some Vikings episodes alongside Travis Fimmel. Ragnar was Bjorn’s father and the two characters had a rather adversarial relationship. Indeed, Lagertha’s ex was doing everything so that his son would become a strong man like him and be able to take over.

However, fans were also able to witness beautiful scenes between the two characters. In any case, Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig have become close friends in real life. They even saw each other several times outside of the shoot to do some activities together.

As Melty reports, in 2019 the two Vikings actors spent a day together and took a helicopter ride. They were able to discover the very beautiful caves of Whistler Mountain in Canada. Alexander’s ex Kristy Dinsmore was also present for this great getaway.

The two actors filmed their day and took some great pictures. The atmosphere was good and they must have had very good memories. Fans of the series may well be nostalgic when they rediscover Bjorn and Ragnar together. It had been a long time since we last saw them together!


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