Travis Fimmel: Alexander Ludwig’s place in his marriage!


Alexander Ludwig has just married Lauren Dear. Basically, Travis Fimmel had to be one of the groomsmen. Alexander Ludwig just got married! On November 22, 2020, they announced their engagement. But the couple couldn’t wait any longer. By the way, basic Vikings co-star Travis Fimmel was to be the best man.

But, the actor decides to marry his sweetheart as soon as possible. They are crazy about each other, so why wait. This is the reflection of Lauren Dear and her sweetheart. So, a few days ago, they posted a wonderful photo.

There were only two of them. It was not planned. And their wedding meal was a Savoyard fondue. But the main thing was that there was a lot of love. Alexander Ludwig explained “Life is too short. I didn’t want to go another day without calling this pretty girl my wife.

And it is done. Now the couple is officially husband and wife. Yet, basically, the marriage had to be much bigger. Alexander Ludwig, had even claimed to invite his friends from Vikings and especially Travis Fimmel with whom he is very close.


But finally, a change of program. Alexander Ludwig gets married with his wife and dog. Nothing more to make them happy. Fortunately, a photographer was there to capture the moment. And the pictures are breathtaking.

And marriage in the mountains doesn’t get better. The landscapes are just sublime and romantic. But Travis Fimmel must be a little disappointed. Alexander Ludwig projected, “He’s probably going to be one of the groomsmen, that’s for sure. You will see him slowly destroy the marriage ”

Unfortunately, this did not go as planned. But hey, the actor promised all his friends to have a big party when they get back. Something to catch up on the wedding evening. In any case, congratulations to the newlyweds!


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