Traveling close to the speed of light


Last week, NASA released an animation that brings information, in a didactic and humorous way, about what it would be like to travel near the speed of light. In it, advanced concepts, such as spatial relativity and incomprehensible scales of the Universe, are displayed in cartoon format, which makes the data accessible to all audiences.

Although it does not delve into scientific details, making the resolution of a complicated physical calculation from the video unfeasible, for example, it is an educational content that can help even children to understand several facts capable of knotting the head of adults – such as time dilation, a phenomenon that would make would-be adventurers age more slowly than an observer who stayed at home.

Destroying some ideas that science fiction ended up establishing in the popular imagination, the drawing also demystifies the notion that it would be possible to reach any destination instantly, mentioning that, even traveling at 90% of the speed of light, something very difficult to achieve even by stars, it would take at least nine months for anyone to reach the limits of the Milky Way.


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