Travel Cat sells accessories based on stray animals

Although a number of popular games have already been released in 2022, one of the upcoming games that has caused a significant stir among gamers is Stray. This game, developed by BlueTwelve Studio, which will be released in just a couple of days, allows players to control an adorable cat who is trying to find a way out of an unfamiliar city. On the eve of the game’s release, it became known that Stray fans, who are also cat lovers, will be able to get exclusive accessories based on the game for their feline friends.
Travel Cat is a company that specializes in providing accessories for those who want to travel with their cats. The brand is known for The Fat Cat backpack and a line of harnesses and leashes that allow owners to take their cats with them on the road. Recently, this travel brand for cats has introduced an exclusive line of products dedicated to the upcoming Stray game.
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The first Stray-themed accessory is the Stray x Travel Cat backpack. According to the company, the backpack is a version of the “Fat Cat”, one of the best-selling items on the site. However, this accessory, based on the game, is made in a new color scheme, reminiscent of the world of Stray. The backpack is made in neon and charcoal black colors, as well as with the logo of the game on the patch in the upper right corner of the bubble with a cat. It is currently available for pre-order at a price of $139.99.
In addition to this Stray x Travel Cat backpack, the company will also be selling a Stray x Travel Cat Harness and Leash kit to celebrate the launch of the game. It has a dark gray color with a lighter gray lining and a stripe with the Stray logo. According to Travel Cat, the harness is adjustable, meaning it is suitable for several cats of different sizes. For those interested in purchasing the product, it is available for pre-order for $39.99 on the company’s website.
In addition to these new Stray-themed products, Travel Cat is hosting a live stream dedicated to the game. Those interested can connect on Thursday, July 21, from 20:00 to 21:30 Eastern Standard time to watch Stray gameplay, as well as learn more about these exclusive accessories. In addition, the company noted that fans can apply to get a chance to win items from the Stray x Travel collection and much more.
It’s nice to see how companies like Travel Cat are creating exclusive product lines focused on video games. Time will tell whether Stray will justify the hype it has caused in the gaming community. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long to play the game, as it will be released in just a couple of days.
Stray is released on July 19 on PC, PS4 and PS5.