Traumatic childhood: Drew Barrymore learns from Jennet


Jennette McCurdy (30) and Drew Barrymore (47) have something in common. Both actresses do not hide that they had a difficult childhood. The iCarly actress spoke about her difficult relationship with her mother in the book “I’m Glad my mom died.” In it, she wrote, among other things, that she suffered from anorexia because of her mother. Drew admires Jennette for her open approach to the topic!

She invited the 30-year-old to her talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show” — they came up with the idea to talk about Jennet’s book and the incidents with her mother. “I’m very close to your story, and I think I can learn a lot from you,” Drew said. She really admires the way Jennette has handled her injury.

One of the author’s answers particularly struck Drew. The latter asked Jennet if she should now wait for a certain person to die so that she could describe her experiences-as the fame of “Sam and Kat” did. “If the truth destroys a relationship, then probably that relationship should end anyway,” Jennette said, probably impressing Drew.


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