Trato Feito: Know The Store Shown In The History Channel Series


Trato Feito: “I don’t know, Rick, it sounds fake” – but it’s true. Today we’re going to take a walk through the real Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, from the program Trato Feito, on the History Channel. The series is a great success for the network and portrays the routine of a pawn shop – a store specializing in the purchase and sale of rare and/or unusual objects – in Las Vegas.

If you like to watch the episodes, you probably already know that the store is real!

On air since 2009, Trato Feito has already aired more than 522 episodes divided into 19 seasons. The motto is quite simple: Rick Harrison, his family, and his employees welcome people who come to the pawn shop with objects they believe are valuable. The objects are then evaluated and often lead to history lessons and fun facts.

Discover the Trato Feito store

Rick’s famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is located on Las Vegas Boulevard in historic downtown Las Vegas and is open 24 hours a day. Contrary to what many might imagine, the reality players (Rick, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, Rick’s son, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey’s childhood friend) are hardly there.

Hopefully, Chumlee can be found in his candy store across the street, according to recent comments on social network Trip Advisor. You can also take a picture with one of Rick’s cardboard totems.