Transparent screen phones are coming from Samsung!


The list of devices Samsung will launch in 2021 was leaked last month by Max Weinbach, known for leaks on smartphones. While seven high-end models are expected to be introduced next year, an exciting new leak has emerged today. According to Twitter user @ cozyplanes, Samsung will introduce a smartphone with a transparent screen in 2021. In addition to this phone, the company is working on a tablet with a triple folding screen in 2021.

Samsung’s 2021 plans are ambitious

For the transparent screen phone whose details have not been shared yet, it is estimated that the components within the device will be positioned at the bottom, not behind the screen. Previously, Xiaomi introduced a 55-inch transparent screen television called Mi TV LUX. We can predict that it will have a similar appearance on its new smartphone.

“Triple foldable tablet” comes from Samgun!

Another product Samsung plans to launch next year is the triple foldable tablet. There is no clear information on exactly what the device will look like, but there are some predictions. This triple foldable tablet is expected to have two hinges. As with the transparent screen phone, there is no other detail about this triple foldable tablet. In response to his tweet, Tron adds that Samsung is planning a legendary product “we never thought it would happen”.


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