Transparent face mask with a jellyfish look!


As part of coronavirus measures, it has become mandatory to wear a mask in almost all of the world. The most important of the rules that are tightened as second wave measures regarding the virus is wearing a mask. The use of masks, which has become a habit by many people, hosts different models every day. Some brands previously appeared before users with transparent mask designs. The transparent mask design now looks like a jellyfish, and that’s pretty interesting!

Transparent mask that looks like jellyfish glued to your face

The mask in question was originally created to be an alternative to the masks that cause injuries to the faces of healthcare professionals and do not take air. The transparent mask does not have any thread. For this reason, instead of a rubber rope attached to the ear, it automatically sticks to the face of the user with its vacuum structure. Thus, it offers a more practical use.

Designed in a breathable structure, this mask has natural bamboo filters, silk, silver, carbon and chitosan components used in biomedical materials. The nice thing about this mask is that it does not prevent you from showing your smile and other gestures.

With the silicone in the chitosan structure, a “therapy” effect is provided on the face of the person wearing the mask. Due to its structure, it protects the skin, keeps it moist, and draws attention with its natural structure that keeps the person’s face healthy and smooth.

The materials of this mask, developed in MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratories, do not harm human skin like other masks thanks to their natural ingredients. Let’s come to its design. It is possible to say that this mask looks like a jellyfish due to its structure, but the golden bands on the sides make the mask look more aesthetic.


The mask called SEEUS95 comes across as N95 bio-filtered. So the mask is transparent, but its protection is also very high. This mask, which is also very environmentally friendly thanks to its recyclable material, is not breathable as it ends at the lower part of the chin. The environmentalist side of the mask should not be overlooked because millions of masks made of plastic are thrown into the sea and nature. Masks will stay there for 450 years or longer, causing contamination.


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