Transparent Board That Can Replace Glass In The Future


Researchers have succeeded in developing a transparent board that can replace glass. This new clear board is more durable than today’s glass, as well as more economical and ecological.

When predicting the future, people often think of flying cars, colonization on different planets, and perhaps teleportation. However, one of the technologies we can see in the future may be transparent boards, which are at least as interesting as these.

Junyong Zhu, a Forest Products Laboratory researcher, collaborated with researchers at the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado to develop transparent wood material that could be the windows of the future. Researchers have produced transparent boards that have the potential to replace the glass used in today’s building construction.

Transparent boards may replace glass in the future

With this new development, window manufacturing can become both more economical and more ecological. The production of glass, which causes bills to rise in hot and cold weather, also brings a very heavy carbon footprint. Production emission reaches approximately 25 thousand tons each year.

Transparent wood is one of the most promising developments in this regard. This transparent board; It is formed by processing a fast growing, low density Balsa Tree at room temperature and subjecting it to an oxidizing bath. The wood is then penetrated with a synthetic polymer called polyvyl alcohol, resulting in a visually transparent product.

The natural cellulose in the structure of the tree and the energy absorbing polymer filling in the transparent wood make it more durable and lighter than glass. This transparent board can withstand stronger impacts than glass and can bend as opposed to breaking like glass. As we said above, transparent wood, which has the potential to reduce energy costs considerably, can also work in harmony with industrial processing equipment.


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