Transgender students can choose their name!


According to our colleagues at France Bleu, transgender students at Crous de Montpellier can now change their first names.

This is great news that will undoubtedly help many people in Montpellier, but also all over the world. Indeed, the Crous of the city of Occitanie now allows a change of first name for transgender students.

This decision follows Doona’s suicide 4 months ago. Herself a transgender student. Therefore, some students wished that this act was not without consequences and did everything to ensure that the call for help of the deceased was nevertheless heard.

So it would appear that this is the case. In some time, all transgender students in Montpellier, and probably elsewhere, will therefore be able to choose what to call them. Catherine Racine, Deputy President of CROUS, spoke on this subject.

The latter, giving her opinion on this decision and congratulating herself on the fact that it is well adapted. Indeed, she explains, as relayed by France Bleu: “A well adapted procedure. Simple, not intrusive. We are not investigating. ”

As we were telling you, it was the transgender students themselves who were asking for this change. Following this, the president of the CROUS indicated:

“And we noted that it was very important to be called by any given name. And not by a predetermined first name which does not correspond ”. It remains to be seen which first names will be chosen by the students in question.

Transgender students in Montpellier can choose their first names!


Some people still wonder how this can be put in place. Indeed, how to have a new first name? And not having to change it on his ID card? But this point was not raised by Catherine Racine.

Despite everything, she assures that transgender students who wish can change their name. This on all administrative documents relating to the CROUS. Whether it is for accommodation in a university campus for example or for scholarships.

As we let you know, this happens 4 months after Doona’s death. She who would have liked to have this right, will still be able to say to herself that her fight will have served for something.

It is perhaps not for nothing that the organization has chosen to respond favorably to its call. Even several months after his death. France Bleu recalling that “At the time, the relatives of the young woman accused the Crous of having been deaf to her call for help. ”

Catherine Racine also adding: “The first working group after Doona’s suicide was very hard. Because we were all very emotional “. Several months after this tragedy, it undoubtedly made it possible to better apprehend the thing.

Hopefully this change helps transgender students and some take inspiration from it.


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