Transformers: 10 Unpopular Opinions about TV Shows (according to Reddit)


Since the upcoming “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” is due to be released in 2023, most likely, the animated series is not so far behind to revive the enduring and beloved franchise again. With hundreds of episodes in several TV series aired since the ’80s, Transformers remains the TV series that stays better, whether it’s a movie, comic book, toys or TV show.

Given the variety of episodes filmed and the direction in which each show developed, there are many opinions about the franchise. and not all of them are the same. Many of them are contradictory views designed to anger fans, while others are sincere beliefs held by people. Regardless of where these opinions come from, they are all unpopular with fans in general.

Transformers: Prime Starscream is Overrated

One of the most popular shows in the franchise, Transformers: Prime, was a reworked show that tried to bridge the gap between Michael Bay’s adult-oriented films and the funny G1 cartoon jokes. Fans mostly believe that it succeeded, especially as evidenced by the image of Starscream.

Steve Bloom gave Starscream all the threat and audacity that was required of the character, Redditor AyyUltra felt that “he was just an animated character, but stupid.” Despite the fact that there are similarities between the two incarnations, Starscream Prime turned out to be more than just a clone, given his role as the leader of the Decepticons during the first season of the show.

Animal Wars are limping

Often considered the best show in the Transformers franchise, Beast Wars is famous for its dense plot, attractive characters and innovative computer graphics. However, this did not prevent some Redditors, such as Misrable_Toucan, from stating that “Beast Wars is not as good as it is promoted.”

While the series certainly has its rough edges and inconsistencies, one look at its second season will show that Beast Wars lives up to the hype. No other TV show about transformers has such a thorough script as the 13 episodes that make up the second season of Beast Wars, and few of them have raised the stakes as much as Beast Wars.

Transformers: Armada is better than the original cartoon

“Transformers: Armada”, although the show, which is fondly remembered by representatives of generations Y and Z, is often regarded as one of the smaller parts of the series. The animation is average for this period, the voice acting may be flat, and the plot is absent in the first half of the show.

Despite all the criticism of Armada, Reddit users like joshml98 believe that “Armada is better than most of the G1.” Despite all the stupidity of the original cartoon and its error-riddled animation, it is still considered one of the best cartoons of the 1980s. For comparison, Armada does not stand up to competition with its animated counterparts from the early 2000s.

Transformers: Prime has a boring art style

“Transformers: Prime,” with one of the most elegant designs in the entire franchise, is one of the coolest shows of its era, reminiscent of the style of Michael Bay films, as well as simplifying aesthetics to make something impressive. Not everyone agrees with this opinion.

Reddit user BigSticky2004 was one of the few who stated that “the character design in Prime is bad.” Although there are some designs that could be more colorful — Soundwave, Starscream, etc. — the characters are still aesthetically pleasing and do a good job of making kids want to buy toys.

Not every Optimus should sound like Peter Cullen

The fearless leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, was brought to life by voice actor Peter Cullen, who voiced the character in many media. His voice is so clear that he, as an actor, was invited to the cinema to voice Optimus, and not to have this character played by a celebrity.

No matter how integral Cullen’s voice may be in the character of Optimus Prime, some, such as GaiDaigodzi, believe that “not all Primes should be Cullens.” Given the various actors who have voiced iconic characters like Batman and Spider-Man over the years, this option makes sense.

Frank Welker is overrated as Megatron

Frank Welker, one of the most prolific voice actors in the industry, has been working since the late 60s and has voiced such iconic characters as Fred Jones, Dr. Clow and Garfield. He was also the first to voice the character of Megatron and defined the role with his exaggerated anger and contempt for Optimus Prime.

Despite all the praise that Welker received, Redditor ForHonor888 said that “Fred Tatascior is the best voice for Megatron, and Frank Welker is overrated.” Although Tatasciore does a good job with his role in Transformers: The War for Cybertron, his game is still indebted to the great Frank Welker.