TRANSFER NEWS: The deal is done! Cristiano Ronaldo in Fenerbahce !


Breaking sports news: Fenerbahce, rolling up their sleeves to strengthen the attacking line, is preparing to add a name that will determine the agenda. The yellow and blue team, which has been working on the transfer of the scorer for a long time, has put Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo on the agenda.

It was claimed that coach Jorge Jesus convinced his compatriot Ronaldo, and the parties reached an agreement in principle. Here are the details of the flash transfer development…

The quick move came from Fenerbahce, who struggled to find a scorer.Fenerbahce is about to detonate the transfer bomb of the century, not of the year, but of the century for Turkey, and that’s what happened.

Fenerbahce is working hard to link Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest stars of world football, with his flowers.

Having met face to face with Ronaldo, the management mobilized all the possibilities for the implementation of this transfer, which was initially on the public agenda as fantastic news.


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