Transfer files between Android phones without connection


When you just want to quickly share something with a friend or someone close to you, it can be a hassle to open your messages, find a contact, and then find the file you want to attach. This is why the Android community has long asked for a way to quickly share content with others from their devices.

Google Nearby Share

And that is precisely what Google has done, since after several years of development, Android launches Nearby Share, a platform that allows “reliable and simple sharing” of content between thousands of Android phone models even offline, to facilitate the Instant sharing of files, links, photos and more.

The app allows you to quickly share from a list of nearby devices with which you can share content. Once you select the recipient, you will be notified with the option to accept or reject the file.

Nearby Share then automatically chooses the best sharing protocol for quick and easy sharing, allowing you to share even when totally offline. The protocols are:

– Bluetooth

– Bluetooth Low Energy

– WebRTC

– WiFi peer-to-peer

Created for mobiles with Android 6 Marshmallow system or higher, Nearby Share has been developed with privacy in mind, so you can share and receive files with peace of mind and anonymously. Therefore, the app also allows you to adjust the privacy settings from the Quick Settings of the phone at any time. You can be:

– hidden

– Visible to some contacts

– Visible to all contacts

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