Tramp: Where to scratch in each chapter (Territory Trophy)


The territorial trophy in Stray can be unlocked by finding an object to scratch in each chapter. There are 12 chapters in which there are varying amounts of scratch items available. In some chapters, only one scratch spot can be found, so they can be very well hidden and easy to miss, especially in areas such as sewers. To unlock the territory trophy, the cat will need to scratch and mark its territory at least once in each chapter.

There are several different types of objects that can be scratched. The most common objects are wooden boards, rugs or couches. In some cases, the cat may also scratch a tree or wall during the chapter. It doesn’t matter what the cat scratches, the main thing is that at least one item is marked for all 12 chapters. Since the slums in the Tramp are visited in both the fourth and sixth chapters, players will need to mark their territory at different sites for each part of the story. Slums are the only area visited in several chapters.

Link: Tramp: The location of each icon (and what they do)

Scratching objects is a simple process, so it only takes a few extra seconds to stop and mark something in each chapter. The cat can approach any scratched object in the chapter and use the interaction button to start. Players then need to press the two buttons or keys displayed on the screen back and forth to scratch with both front paws. After a few seconds, players can exit and the scratch for this chapter will be completed.

Mats, boards and other scratch spots in Stray

There are two chapters in Stray in which you need to find and scratch only one object. Both the Dead End and the Sewer, which are areas for the seventh and eighth chapters, have only one place to scratch, so players need to make sure they don’t miss it. In other chapters there are at least two scratches, but in some there are much more. There are a lot of places in areas like slums or downtown, so players can just pick the first thing they see.

Chapter 1 (Inside the Wall): At the beginning of the game, there is an area where cats scratch a tree, and players can also scratch it. Chapter 2 (The Dead City): In a house where a cat breaks the glass ceiling with a can of paint, there will be a carpet that can be scratched. Chapter 3 (Apartment): There is a carpet in the living room with stacks of books that a cat can scratch. Chapter 4 (Slums): There is a carpet that needs to be scratched in front of a broken elevator found in a slum in Lost. Chapter 5 (roofs): at the beginning of the chapter, the cat uses a bucket to get on the roofs. After using the bucket, players can jump out and climb up to find the carpet to scratch. Chapter 6 (Slums): In this chapter, you can scratch the carpet in Momo’s apartment. Chapter 7 (Dead End): The wall next to the Dock workstation is the only place that can be scratched. Chapter 8 (Sewerage): a place for scratches can be found after passing the Zurks when the B-12 opens the gate. In the next room, after jumping over the barrels, there will be a board on the ground that can be scratched. Chapter 9 (Ant Hill): Near the beginning of the Ant Village in Tramp, there are two NPCs sitting on a bed with blankets around them. . A board leaning against the wall next to them may be scratched. Chapter 10 (Midtown): When a cat enters Midtown, a couch can be scratched through the door on the right. Chapter 11 (Prison): After reaching the outdoor section, the cat can find a tree in the yard that she can scratch. Chapter 12 (Control Room): To complete this chapter, it is necessary to scratch objects such as bare wiring, so players will have to go through it. After interacting with Scratch in the last chapter, the territory trophy will be unlocked in Stray.


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