Tramp: what to do after completing the game


From time to time, a game appears that manages to attract the attention of the whole world for a good month or so, and sometimes longer. Among us, Fortnite, Minecraft, and even Wordle have been in the spotlight at one time or another, and they were all phenomena that managed to go beyond the game world and achieve the popular zeitgeist. Stray is very quickly becoming one of these games.

Released just two weeks ago, Stray conquered the world and broke a number of records that most did not even think about. Since Stray is an indie game with a relatively small budget and the debut game for the developer BlueTwelve, the game exceeded all expectations, both in terms of critical reception and commercial, breaking many Steam records. Thanks to the charming feline protagonist and the magnificent artistic style, Stray managed to attract the fleeting attention of the whole world, and gamers of all stripes are trying it out. But Stray has a fairly short experience, the average passage lasts only about 5 hours, so fans of the game may need some tips on what to do next.

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What to do after beating a Tramp

After you finish the Tramp, the final cut scene will start and the player will return to the main menu screen. From here, the only real option is to start the game again, but fortunately, getting a platinum trophy is a lot of fun. Platinum trophies are often quite difficult to obtain, and usually it takes a long time, but for Stray, the whole process is designed for the purpose of entertainment and research. Even those who don’t usually do trophy hunting in video games will probably try Straight’s, just to experience the vibrant world of the game and characters once again.

By the end of the first passage of Stray, the player will probably receive the vast majority of game trophies or achievements if they play on PC via Steam. This is especially true if the player really took the time to fully explore each environment. However, there are a few trophies that even the most thorough players will miss. To begin with, the “Sneakitty” trophy is quite difficult to obtain, requiring the player to never alert any of the drones during Chapter 10. Similarly, the “Can’t Cat-Ch Me” trophy requires that the player never be caught by one Zurk throughout the second chapter, which may be a little unpleasant, but shouldn’t be too bad if the player strategizes well and continues trying.

Of course, getting the Platinum Trophy for a Tramp still takes quite a while, but for those who desperately want to get another chance, this is a great reason to do it. To top it all off at the end, most likely the last trophy the player unlocks is the “I Am Speed” trophy, which requires the player to complete the game in less than 2 hours. By this point, this will probably be the player’s third playthrough, and this trophy serves as a good way to see the game through a new, more complex prism.

Alternatively, if players don’t like Platinum, they can always turn their attention to another animal-based game. For example, in the Untitled Goose Game 2019, the gameplay is similar to Stray, where the player assumes the role of a mischievous goose whose sole purpose is to spoil the day for the villagers he meets. On the other hand, The Last Guardian does not allow the player to directly control the animal, but the whole game is based on his relationship with a large creature similar to a cat/dog, so there is an element of communication with animals.

Stray is now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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