Tramp: How to open a locked safe in a slum


In chapter 4 of Stray, players will find a locked safe in an alley, which is one of the many puzzles they will encounter while exploring the city as a cat. Stray was recently released for PlayStation 4 and 5, and it depicts a ginger cat trying to get home. As players explore the urban environment, they will encounter puzzles and interactive objects such as paper bags of Tramps scattered through the streets. Locked Safe is a multi—step puzzle game in which players make full use of the platformer as a cat.

Players will encounter a locked safe in the fourth chapter of the game, which takes place in the Stray slum. At the beginning of the level, players will encounter a garage filled with meditating robots. From here, go down an alley with an inclined ramp. At the end of this alley on the left is a locked safe. After examining the safe, the cat will take a pink note, but it is impossible to make it out. B-12 will tell the cat that it is written in binary format, so players should seek help from any of the residents reading binary code, robots. Any robot will tell players that “only a real geek can read this,” so players need to look for a robot that can read the code and help the cat decrypt a secure password.

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To open a locked safe in Stray, players need to take the binary code from the locked safe door, find the geek inside Elliot Programming, decrypt the note, and then find the password written on the wall inside the Dufer bar.

Steps to unlock the safe in Stray

As soon as the players receive a pink note with the old binary code, go to Elliot Programming. Players can use street signs to find him, but he is not far from the meditating robots. From this garage, turn around and go straight down the stairs. At the end, turn left; there will be a road sign illuminated by a lantern. Behind this building with a faded red door is Elliott Programming. Interact with the door to scratch it and the robot will let the cat in. Elliot is sitting at the table upstairs. He will decipher the note with the inscription “Dufer Bar”. This is one of the many areas in Stray that a cat can explore.

Then the players need to go to the bar. The fastest way is to use the window behind the blue curtain in Elliot’s room; interact with the curtain to open it, then jump out the window. Straight’s Dufer bar is in front, as evidenced by a door with a large red neon sign above it. Enter the bar, and there’s a neon sign that says “Dufer Bar” on the left wall, there is an image of a palm tree on the beach. Interact with the picture and it will fall. The safe code is written here on the wall: 1-2-8-3.

Go back to the safe, enter the code, and the safe will open. Players will receive notes from the safe. Give the sheet music to the musician Morusk, and the robot will perform another song for the Tramp cat. There are a bunch of pillows here where players can let their cat take a nap.