Trainwreck Responds to Backlash over Stake’s Connection to The Kick Streaming Platform


Trackwreck streamer said that those who don’t like the connection between the gambling site and the new streaming platform Kick, should not use the new broadcasting site that it promotes.

Kick is a new broadcast site supported by the popular gambling streamer Trainwreck, which aims to compete with Twitch as the main streaming site.

On December 6, the website received a negative reaction after it was revealed that Kick is supported by the owner of the cryptocurrency gambling site By Ed Craven, information later confirmed by Train itself.

After the connection was revealed, Train went to his Twitch channel and made it clear to his viewers that if they didn’t like the connection between Stake and Kick, they could find another website to use.

Trainwreck advises against using Kick if you don’t like the Stake connection

Trainwreck was broadcast on December 6 when he told his viewers live that Kick is not for them if they don’t like the proximity to Stake.

“If you have a problem with Eddie, the owner of Stake, who is a Kick investor, don’t stream on Kick. Don’t watch streams on Kick. I am confident in the future of the platform I am advising.”

He then added, “I am so confident in the future that I will come out and say it straight out. Don’t stream on it. Don’t watch this. Do you understand? It’s so easy for me.”

Although the platform is brand new, Trainwreck is very confident that the site will be able to grow despite negative reviews, to the point that it will scare away skeptics.

It remains to be seen whether Kick will be able to sustain growth by alienating creators and users who are not thrilled with its connections to the cryptocurrency gambling site.


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