Trainwreck Introduces a New Kick Creator Program That Will Help Pay “Streamers of All Sizes”


Streaming star Tyler “Trainwreck” Nicknam revealed some details about the Creator Program for his new streaming service Kick, planning to “work on providing financial security for all streamers of all sizes.”

Trainwreck was one of the biggest stars on Twitch with its gambling streams and regular big giveaways, but when the Amazon-owned platform decided to abandon gambling streams, he took matters into his own hands.

That’s how Kick, a new streaming platform led by Train, came into being, working alongside the gambling site Stake, with which he and many other leading creators and influencers collaborate.

Some creators have started switching to Kick, especially those who want to be able to broadcast gambling games, and now Train wants to reward them, no matter how many viewers they get.

In a Twitlonger message posted on January 25, Train talked about some plans to financially reward Kick streamers.

“The life of a Twitch streamer is working an incredible number of hours trying to succeed,” he said. “For all but the biggest creators, these hours remain without reward. Twitch ignores small and medium-sized creators and gives their budget to a select small group of streamers through huge paid contracts.

“Small and medium-sized authors have few paid opportunities on Twitch, and they are expected to make do with an unfair distribution of subscription revenue and meager advertising programs.”

He further explained that Kick can spend millions to attract big creators, but instead they want to “invest in all creators.”

He explained that the creators will “get paid for every hour of the broadcast,” paying based on the following:

  • The number of hours you broadcast
  • A fixed rate based on the advertising price per thousand impressions of Kick (calculated by us until the advertising takes over)
  • The average number of your viewers
  • Demographics and audience engagement

Additionally, payments can be made on a set day of each month, or alternatively, creators can choose to be paid on the same day if they want to receive payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Initially, the Kick Creator program will have a manual approval process for authors who can be trusted and who already have a brand to avoid potential exploiters, robot viewers, etc.

“I have a vision that one day every streamer will receive exactly as much as he invested,” he concluded. “I want the time to pass when streamers spend thousands of hours working and never know if they will get a return. It will take time to fix everything, but this is just the beginning.”

Fellow streamers such as Dr Disrespect have stated that Twitch’s demise is “inevitable” after Kick’s launch, and if similar plans succeed, we may see more streamers start switching over time.


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