Training rocket catches fire at Alcântara base


Last Thursday (12), a fire in the Intermediate Training Rocket (FTI) interrupted a launch at the Alcântara Launch Center (CLA) in Maranhão. Without causing further damage due to the quick response from the support team, which controlled the flames quickly, the fire left no victims and only generated delays in the schedule.

The Brazilian Air Force reported that “after the launch was interrupted, there was a small fire, which was promptly controlled by the fire squad.” The evaluation with the FTI is part of Operation Águia do CLA, which started on November 9 and aims to train teams and test equipment for rocket launching.

Check the Aeronautics statement in full:

“An Intermediate Training Rocket (FTI) had its launch sequence interrupted, at the Alcântara Launch Center (CLA), this Thursday (11/12).

All safety procedures were adopted and there was no risk for any of the professionals involved. After the launch stopped, there was a small fire, which was promptly controlled by the fire squad. A commission will be appointed to investigate the causes of the occurrence.

The launch of (FTI) is part of Operation Águia, which has been taking place since November 9, and aims to train CLA’s operational equipment, as well as to test equipment on the ground associated with launch operations in Alcântara. ” .

There are still no details on the cause of the flames and what the consequences of the interruption of the tests were in the schedule of Operation Eagle. However, soon the Brazilian Air Force is expected to provide details of the event and continue testing.


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