Train like Rocky Balboa at home with this robot


Going back to the gym is tough for everyone, but now those who had their classes have to stay home or take other types of routines.

Boxing enthusiasts, whenever possible, have been able to put an instrument to help them continue with their passion, although a little hand in hand or the movements of the coach are much better teachers than an inert bag. But that’s what robotics is for and that is because RXT-1 helps you practice your Rocky Balboa punches.

Practice your combinations with the RXT-1

Robotics has been the solution to many problems. Don’t have time to sweep? a robot does it for you, do you have to make a meal but don’t know how to make it? put the ingredients in a robot and cook them for you. All this sure sounds like you, but if we tell you that it can also help you with your boxing training, it will surely surprise you.

And that’s what the RXT-1 robot is capable of. As in any combat discipline, you have to give and also receive and the device fulfills both functions. It consists of a structure composed of a foot that holds it and does not move it despite the blows. Anchored to a metal pillar is a padded object that symbolizes a person’s torso and a square one just above that is the head. In the middle is the computer that has a 4.5-inch touch screen where you can choose your training.

The robot has three programs: Practice, Spar and Combination and three intensity levels for each one. In practice you will be able to practice the blows you need at your leisure, in Spar the robot will attack you randomly with its four arms, while in combination you will have to hit the tentacles to learn new movements. You are the one who decides what to do in each session.


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